A British academic selected for the National Educational Leadership Network

LEXINGTON, Kentucky (February 22, 2022) — Stacey Love, a doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky College of Education, has been selected to participate in the Barbara L. Jackson Scholars Network.

Love, who resides in University Heights, Ohio, is pursuing a doctorate. online at UK College of Education Department of Educational Leadership Studies.

“Stacey has big ideas and a deep passion for diversifying education and bringing more leaders of color into STEM careers. Being part of the Jackson Scholars Network will help her hone those passions into specific research and projects and I am very excited to see her grow over the next two years. She is well deserving of this recognition. She will draw on her extensive background in education while creating networking opportunities for her PhD work and career as a member of the body. budding professor,” said Justin Bathon, director of the Department of Educational Leadership Studies and chair of Love’s thesis committee.

Love is a former higher education administrator who has spent the past two decades building bridges between post-secondary institutions and K-12 education. She is currently the Director of Education for The Education Brain Trust, an education consulting firm that serves families going through K-12 education and the college admissions process.

“I’m passionate about building teams, developing community partnerships, and providing college access for historically underrepresented populations,” Love said.

After completing her doctorate, Love plans to pursue a faculty position in an educational leadership program dedicated to systemic student success. She will also continue her work with The Education Brain Trust to help families adapt to ongoing changes in education.

The Ohio native has a bachelor’s degree in Black World Studies/Sociology and a master’s of education in teacher curriculum and leadership. Her research interests include identifying and addressing barriers that limit the transition from secondary to post-secondary education and beyond, STEM academic achievement in urban settings, and underrepresented student representation and achievement in majors. STEM, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Jackson Scholars Program, part of the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), was created to provide a support system for graduate students of color and to help increase the number of ready students of color. to serve as professors in institutions of higher learning who prepare educational leaders for the schools and children of the country.

“The Jackson Scholars Network is an intentional network that will help me observe, learn, and grow from scholars across the country while pursuing my own academic interests,” Love said. “This network, with its unique goal of increasing the number of underrepresented faculty in educational leadership, provides a tremendous opportunity to connect with accomplished scholars and researchers.”

In addition to her roles in education, Love is a multi-state licensed insurance broker and founder of The Love (Insurance) Agency.

Janice G. Ball