Felten Media Services President Jess Nerren speaks at the Education Leadership Summit delivered by State Superintendent of Education Tony Thurmond

RIVERSIDE, Calif., Nov. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Felten Media Services President Dr. Jess Nerren joins California State Superintendent of Public Education TONY THURMOND, Senator CONNIE LEYVA and Senator ROSILICIE OCHOA BOGH, to speak at the Leadership Summit conference hosted by California State University, San Bernardino, and held at the San Bernardino DoubleTree, 285 E. Hospitality Ln., On November 16, 2021 at 3:20 p.m.

Nerren, who recently defended his research thesis on educational leadership, public relations and autism inclusion, shares his findings publicly for the first time during his speech, “Effective Leadership to Close the Gap. ‘opportunities for students with special needs’. Nerren’s research, “Inclusion Public Relations,” uses public relations tools to center the voices of people with autism themselves in researching the inclusion of autism in educational settings, creating inclusion more usable in the educational landscape. [Link to research: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/355718989_DISSERTATION_PUBLIC_RELATIONS_OF_INCLUSION_A_CRITICAL_REFRAMING_OF_AUTISM_INCLUSION_WITH_PROFESSORS_OF_TEACHER_CANDIDATES]

A full roster of guest speakers includes California State Superintendent of Education TONY THURMOND, Senator CONNIE LEYVA, Senator ROSILICIE OCHOA BOGH, Former Riverside County Superintendent, Dr. JUDY WHITE, the San Bernardino County Superintendent TED ALEJANDRE, 2018 Professor of the Year Dr. BRIAN MCDANIEL, Dr. Carlos Ayala, Dr. Wil Greer, Jackie Maner, Dr. Enrique Murillo, comedian Ron G. and many more.

Outside of academia, Nerren is a long-time small business owner in the Inland Empire, serving as President of Felten Media Services, a certified woman-owned and operated company providing comprehensive public relations and reporting services. strategic communication.

ABOUT FELTEN MEDIA SERVICES: Felten Media Services caters to the strategic communication, marketing, media relations, crisis communication, public relations and advertising needs of all industries including top law firms, professional services, healthcare healthcare, non-profit organizations, higher education, entertainment, sports, literature and hospitality. Felten Media does things differently, allowing clients to create a lasting legacy for themselves and their brand. http://feltenmedia.com

ABOUT JESS BLOCK NERREN, Ed.D.: Jess Block Nerren is a doctoral student at CSUSB Ed.D. program where she successfully defended her thesis on inclusion, public relations and teacher education. She holds an MA in Communications from CSU Fullerton, where she received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the CSUF College of Communications. At CSUSB, Nerren teaches undergraduate and graduate public relations and strategic communications courses and is the founder of CoyotePR, the student-run public relations agency on campus. In this role, she led a team of students to win a Polaris Capella Award from the Public Relations Society of America Inland Empire. In the community, Nerren is heavily involved in the nonprofit autism and behavioral health community with past and current services: on the Autism Speaks Parent Advisory Council at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, on the Riverside County Local Special Education Plan Area Executive Committee, as Public Information Officer and Legislative Chair, as a founding member of the board of directors of The National Miracle Project for Purpose nonprofit, and member of the Stakeholder Committee and Special Interest Group on Diversity for CalABA, the statewide trade association for behavior analysts providing services to people with autism and other developmental and behavioral needs. https://www.csusb.edu/profile/jessica.nerren

ABOUT THE CSUSB EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: The Education Leadership Summit is the premier event of the Inland Empire, bringing together education experts and innovators from across the country. Speakers and panels provide attendees with information, trends and advice to help them make a difference in their classrooms, schools, districts, communities and beyond. https://www.csusb.edu/educational-leadership-summit

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