Income tax officers raid two clusters of educational institutions in Bangalore


IT managers raid two educational groups in Bangalore

The administrative offices of the groups and the buildings belonging to their main figures were among the places searched

Representative image.  Credit: iStockphoto

Hundreds of income tax officers are seeking 10 places from two groups of well-known educational institutions in Bengaluru.

Officials rented vehicles to reach the affected locations in the early hours of Thursday and launched the operation. Research is ongoing.

Officials interviewed staff members and took documents for verification.

The groups’ administrative offices and buildings belonging to their main figures were among the locations raided, a source said.

In particular, officials are looking at the details of student admissions – Indian and foreign – and the fees charged for the various courses.

They also check the bank accounts of both groups.

The groups reportedly flew under the radar of the Department of Income Tax following complaints that they charged excessive fees, blocked places, admitted students under the costly management quota, violated government standards and evaded taxes.

The ministry has not released an official statement on the raids.

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