ISO Certified National College for Educational Leadership

The National College for Educational Leadership (NCEL), an agency of the Department of Education and Youth, has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification, a system of internationally recognized standards that improve the quality of service delivery.

The ministry said NCEL’s ISO standardization process, which began under the leadership of former Director/Principal, Dr Taneisha Ingleton, is the result of an intense 15-month process involving a whole-whole approach. staff of team members who have been engaged in several activities to promote the standardization of all college policies, processes and operations.

“This success is also the result of team members being trained as internal auditors and receiving the skills and knowledge required to conduct internal audits prior to the college’s participation in ISO audit processes (steps 1 and 2), and subsequently received certification,” the ministry said in a statement.

NCEL Acting Director/Principal Winnie Berry said the certification is part of the college’s drive to improve its overall performance and provide a foundation for sustainability initiatives.

“The college is responsible for designing, developing and implementing leadership interventions and initiatives to promote leadership excellence and lasting improvements in student and school performance,” Berry said.

“This accreditation is a step in the right direction as it endorses the inculcation of systems and procedures that are aligned with the college’s vision of becoming an internationally recognized organization that ensures the preparation and continued development of high quality educational leaders” , Berry added.

According to Berry, the implementation of the quality management system is not only a response to quality service (as one of the core values ​​of NCEL), but to ensure that the college is on point to develop products and provide exceptional services while meeting the needs of its stakeholders.

“This certification will serve, among other things, to further reinforce the college’s drive to optimize service and make quality a culture in the education leadership landscape,” she said.

Janice G. Ball