It’s unfortunate that the Hijab is tearing our education system apart – laments Adamu

Buhari’s Education Minister Adamu Adamu expressed sadness over what he described as “unnecessary clashes” over Hijab issues in the country, especially in the educational institution.

Adamu, who voiced his concerns at a Hijab Day conference organized by the Coalition of Nigerian Muslim Women in the conference hall of the National Mosque in Abuja, said the country can gain a lot by dialogue on issues of religious differences rather than resorting to violence.

He noted that all citizens are constitutionally allowed to practice their religion as long as no harm or inconvenience is caused to other people.

The minister said: “Wearing the hijab by Muslim women is a sunnah as recommended by the Holy Quran (Q 33 V 59).”

“Our children will remain Nigerian citizens, regardless of their religion. They will live and interact in the world outside of school where no boundaries exist between religions.

“We must understand that the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria guarantees freedom of religion to all citizens. This implicitly means that all citizens are allowed to practice their religion according to the teachings of their faith as long as no harm or inconvenience is caused to other people.

Also speaking at the event, which is themed “Hijab is our crown, not our crime”, the wife of the former vice president, Dr Amina Namadi Sambo, said that if he It is true that some evil elements use the hijab to commit crimes, however, it is insufficient reason to prevent the good from obeying Allah.

“It is true that very few others who do not represent Islam have used the hijab to perpetrate evil, but it should not be used to stereotype Muslim women nor should it deter us from obedience. to Allah SWT,” she noted.

She called on participants, especially young Muslim women who are under peer pressure, not to be swayed by “so-called modernization”, adding: “Some ways of dressing in the name of fashion are indecent and They are in direct conflict with our religion, just as the Prophet of Islam (SAW) has warned in different hadiths.

Janice G. Ball