Nigeria’s education system is garbage, Shagari’s grandson reacts to body members’ interview

Bello Shagari, a grandson of late former President Shehu Shagari, reacted to a video that shows members of the National Youth Service Corps being interviewed during their Passing Out Parade, otherwise known as POP.

A member of the corps, a lady, was asked by an interviewer what brought her to the POP location. The lady responded by saying, “I’m here to get my discharge back,” meaning she came to get her NYSC discharge letter.

When asked to state the full meaning of POP, she replied, “Passing out…I can’t remember what the last P stands for.”

She later concluded by saying that POP stands for “Passing Out Power”.

A young man dressed as a corps member was asked the meaning of NYSC. He responded by saying “National Youth Service Commission”, which is not true.

A lady who was asked the same question gave an answer that made her mention body as “corpse”. When asked to spell the word C stands for in NYSC, she responded by saying, “Are you here to make fun of me?”

Under the added pressure, the lady spelled the word OROPES.

Another lady said that NYSC stands for “National Youth Service Corporation”, despite the fact that she was wearing a shirt that had it written on it.

“National Youth Service Camp,” said a lady who spelled the camp as CMP.

Share the video on Facebook, Shagari captioned it: “This is enough to inform you that our education system is trash.”

Reacting, a Facebook user, Patience Shelu, said, “It’s such a shame. Quite a graduate. They don’t even know what they are doing. Tomorrow they are going to train upandan graduates… Common go sit down.

Henry Asuenimhen E said, “I wonder how someone is going to serve for 12 months and still not figure out the meaning of all those words: NYSC, POP…and everything to do with it. It is a great shame for all of them. Graduate my foot.

According to Tracy Owen, “How can you get a job when you don’t even know what NYSC means? Absurdity.”

Amicable Don said, “Just imagine the kind of education you have in Nigeria, and millions of people will walk around as graduates. I cry for Nigeria.

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