Our education system is obsolete, we need graduates in the field, says cleric | The Guardian Nigeria News

The rank of prominent Nigerians calling for a radical and thorough overhaul of the nation’s educational program rose over the weekend, with Christ Apostolic Ministry Livingspring (CLAM) Senior Pastor Omole, Lagos, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, decrying the outdated and irrelevant nature of the curriculum.

One of the reasons for Nigeria’s limited success in technology and innovation, he said, is the poor content and orientation of the curriculum, especially among students in higher education institutions.

Oladiyun, who spoke yesterday at CLAM’s thanksgiving service organized to close the apostolic revival week labeled “Solution Nights”, lamented the poor quality of graduates produced by Nigerian higher education institutions.

He said: “Our curriculum needs to be changed and amended urgently to make it relevant to the contemporary needs of the country. There is no point in producing graduates who are not employable.

“We need field graduates. There is no point in producing graduates who are not marketable. Many graduates are not articulate and analytical. Their knowledge and command of the English language is poor and they lack the requisite skills that a modern society needs.

He felt that the federal government needs to revise the curriculum in all of our higher education institutions so that Nigerian graduates can be of use to themselves and to the country.

The clergyman, who also spoke out against the widespread practice of parents telling their children certain specific lessons they must study, advised parents to refrain from forcing lessons on their children.

“Let them evolve. Our life is different from theirs. Let them follow their passion. There are gifts in every child. Let these gifts evolve. Don’t force them to take after you, ”he advised.

Parents should be more concerned with praying, mentoring, mentoring and counseling their children, he said.

He urged the young people not to be narrow-minded but to have a holistic and broad view of the world that incorporates positive and contemporary perspectives, saying, “Make the right choices in prayer. Let the Holy Spirit, not society or your friends, choose for you. Expand your knowledge; read widely. Listen to financial news. Embrace financial education. Make your mind viable. Rejig your minds. Stop getting carried away without a strong substance.

“Do something productive every day. Use the Internet for your development. Learn animation and graphics. Learn ethical hacking. Read on to broaden your knowledge.

Janice G. Ball