Partisan politics hampers Ghana’s education system

Professor George KT Oduro, from the Educational Leadership at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), has called on politicians to stop politicizing Ghana’s education system and rethink better ways of implementing policies to improve the system at all levels.

He said that many policies and interventions introduced by politicians and their administrations were those aimed at helping themselves more than the ordinary citizen.

Professor Oduro said sometimes governments embark on programs just to please citizens without thinking deeply about how to make them work afterwards with resources.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, he described the government’s policy on free secondary schools as a good policy, requiring no restructuring.

However, he said that it needs strengthened human and logistical resources to be successfully implemented to produce good fruits for the students and the nation as a whole.

Professor Oduro said that it was becoming difficult to recruit qualified and competent people with technical skills in companies, even though there were many technical institutions, including universities.
This, he said, was the result of the lack or inadequacy of the logistical, teaching and learning tools to enhance teaching and learning.

“We need to go beyond politics and redirect our attention to thinking that education is our life. Otherwise, we might waste money on technical and vocational schools, but those who have acquired knowledge there might not even be able to repair their own car tires when driving and it becomes necessary” , he added.

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Janice G. Ball