Remembering Freda Cole, NC State Educational Leadership Academy Executive Coach

Freda Cole, executive coach at NC State’s Educational Leadership Academy (NELA), died on April 18, 2022. Cole was a beloved longtime former principal in Wake County, known for her advocacy of open schools all year round. year and for making a positive difference in the lives of thousands and thousands of children and colleagues throughout his career.

Cole began working as an executive coach after retiring from the Wake County public school system after more than 33 years teaching K-12. She taught elementary school for 11 years before earning a degree in school administration from NC Central University and becoming an assistant principal and then principal.

She was a principal in Wake County for 18 years before retiring, including serving as the founding principal of two new elementary schools and principal of Wake County’s first multi-track, year-round school.

As an executive coach with NELA, Cole supported new school leaders and helped them build their leadership capacity. She was an excellent mentor who valued relationships above all else, illustrating why NELA has become a national model for preparing exceptional directors.

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Janice G. Ball