Students in Barbados will have a say in the future of the education system.

Minister of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, Santia Bradshaw. (PF)

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados – December 2, 2020 – Students from across Barbados will soon be asked for their thoughts on what kind of education system they want for their future.

Education, Technological and Vocational Training Minister Santia Bradshaw made the announcement last Friday as she addressed a ceremony for elementary and secondary school principals at the Wildey Gymnasium.

“I want to hear about the concerns that many of you have as principals and chief girls. I’m sure you interact with other students who have concerns about education, concerns about the online environment, blended approach, all of that.

“It is important that you have your say, just as your parents have a say in various forums, just as your teachers will have a say, just as our principals have a say, as do the general public. has a say. I believe that we cannot change the way we teach and learn unless we hear from you the students on whom this education system will have an impact, ”the minister told the students.

She explained that if the government wanted to change the curriculum to make it more relevant to students, it was important to ensure that the changes were aimed at those with academic, technical and professional skills.

Ms. Bradshaw also noted that the Government’s desire to transform Barbados could not be fully recognized without targeting schools, especially primary and secondary schools, as it is the students of these institutions who are the future leaders of the country.

She noted that amid reports of students engaging in negative behavior, it was the responsibility of leaders to continue to work with them to ensure they become agents of change.

“[So] that you start to write a different story in your schools, communities and churches and that you see yourself as capable of changing the story of how people perceive young people and especially your colleagues in schools, ”she said declared.

The Minister of Education urged students to recognize that they are all important and that leadership matters, while thanking them for being “exceptional young boys and girls in our society.”

Ms Bradshaw also urged young leaders to ensure that students in their respective schools continue to follow COVID-19 protocols.

The current government of Barbados is actively seeking to uproot British traditions up to and including the Queen within the island and replace them with traditions from Barbados, but it continues to adhere to British spelling. It will be interesting to see if students want to switch to the slightly more simplified American spelling, which is becoming the norm for English in many countries in the region.

Janice G. Ball