Taunton Public Schools tout accelerated learning plan during Partners for Education Leadership visit

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TAUNTON – Superintendent John Cabral is pleased to announce that Taunton Public Schools recently hosted Partners for Educational Leadership to highlight the innovative work the district is doing in its schools.

Partners for Educational Leadership Executive Director Richard Lemons visited Taunton Secondary School, John F. Parker Middle School and Elizabeth Pole Primary School on Friday, April 29 to see the compelling work being done across the school community of Taunton.

Heather Peske, Senior Associate Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), recommended Partners for Educational Leadership visit the district to see first-hand the district’s Accelerated Learning Plan that was developed in response to COVID-19.

During his visit, Lemons had the opportunity to speak with Superintendent Cabral, Taunton High School Principal Scott Holcomb and his leadership team, Parker Middle School Principal Michael Byron and Principal from Pole AnaBela Jones Elementary School. He also spoke with coaches, department heads and students during his classroom visits.

Lemons also had the opportunity to sit in classrooms with curricula that feature high-quality, evidence-based teaching materials, including classrooms using the district’s new OpenSciEd curriculum. The OpenSciEd curriculum is a student-centered program that helps teachers guide students through problem solving through questioning, modeling, inquiry, and review of evidence through structured routines.

As part of his visit, Lemons was able to better understand the Taunton Public Schools Improvement Program and the importance of how teaching materials can support teachers and change the learning experience in classrooms. .

“It was a joy to visit the district to speak with the educators about their exciting work and to listen to the students describe their learning experiences in the classrooms,” Principal Lemons said. “We leave emboldened by the urgent need to ensure that powerful learning experiences are available to every student every day of the school calendar. Thank you to the students, teachers and administrators of Taunton. Keep up the good work. We hope to return to visit soon.”

Taunton Public Schools is recognized as a “growing school” for adapting and pursuing innovative practices that impact both student achievement and faculty best practices.

“I am thrilled that experts in our field recognize the hard work of our students, staff and administrators,” said Superintendent Cabral. “I would like to commend Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Chris Baratta and his team for leading and supporting this work. I also appreciate the support we have received from Commissioner Jeffrey Riley and our statewide support system team as we continue to make transformational changes throughout our school system that will position our students for the future success.

Additional Partners for Educational Leadership representatives are scheduled to visit the district at a later date.


Janice G. Ball