The education system is in great difficulty

For the publisher:

I have often criticized our education system because it was more in love with trendy fashions than common sense. With the exception of specialized fields, a college degree can be a net negative for a student. The higher you go up the prestige scale, the more it applies.

I consider that a community college graduate contributes more to society and has a chance to lead a happier life than a Harvard graduate because they are less exposed to anthropological errors such as critical race theory and transgender. This infection spreads from universities to kindergartens and elementary schools in some areas. With the Biden administration in charge, we can expect this trend to accelerate. We cannot afford to ignore what is going on.

What I want to focus on is Critical Race Theory, which is promoted in books such as How to Be an Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi (born Ibram Henry Rogers) and White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo. Want to know where the systemic racism is? Here it is. Anti-racism is just repackaged racism; Do not fall into the trap. Institutional racism? It comes from government, academic, business and media institutions that have been corrupted by this societal poison. By their lights, Martin Luther King was a racist because he believed in a color blind society. MLK believed in racial equality, integration and harmony and much progress has been made in this direction, but is now threatened by neo-racists and neo-segregationists espousing critical race theory.

What is also disturbing is its origin. This anti-intellectual movement was born and developed in what are supposed to be our centers of higher education. The task of passing on our civilizational heritage has been abandoned in favor of denigrating our past and rejecting the achievements of our ancestors. What replaces classical liberal education is a regime in which people are judged on the basis of superficial characteristics, and a hostile work and student environment ensues as fear, suspicion, intolerance, l bullying and refusal to forgive abound. It is instructive to read Jodi Shaw’s resignation letter from Smith University which is very detailed. It is easy to find on the Internet.

Math is even considered racist by some because it emphasizes getting the right answer. This puts too much emphasis on objectivity and it is too much to ask students to show their work. It is a big bigotry of low expectations. I used to think math, science, and engineering would be immune, but even they are compromised.

So what, I ask, is the very point of education if that is where we are going? Parents, don’t assume that your children won’t learn things that will destroy or greatly hinder their chances of having a fulfilling life. Pay attention to what is going on in your school, even down to kindergarten level. No age group is immune to this toxic totalitarian philosophy. Dare I say religion?

David parker


Janice G. Ball