“The Nigerian education system is not preparing graduates for the job market” | The Guardian Nigeria News

Business Development Manager, Obiwezy.com, Obafemi Onanuga, in this interview talks about growing amid the challenges of an information technology business, staffing and more.

Please outline your experience in running a business?
Interfacing with different clients with their individual differences, the advice, recommendations, encouragement and hard work of the staff is a business management experience.

What was your coping mechanism during inflation?
Investment in more affordable product lines to balance the reduction in the quantity of high-end devices.

How would you say your company maintains relationships with its customers?
To build relationships with clients, we offer recommendations and advice, but we also maintain respect for client decisions. It’s not about money received for services, but optimizing resources now and later is one of our priorities.

What criteria do you look for before hiring staff?
Before considering a person’s educational qualifications, we look for English proficiency because the Nigerian education system does not prepare people for the workforce. For some departments that need professional expertise like human resources, finance, and customer service, basic training and experience in this area is very important.

What is the difference between what your company does and other IT companies?
We are an e-commerce company in the retail market and social media.

What is the biggest challenge encountered when running a business?
People usually stereotype the company as a regular IT village scam before patronage, so it is necessary to convince them that we are legit.

How do you plan to best meet customer needs?
We intend to improve our website, to offer an easy solution for purchasing gadgets, an exchange application for development, as well as easy access by offering pickup centers even with our system centralized warehousing with a shorter lead time and a more specific quality device.

What is the work culture like and are there any changes in the work culture?
Our work culture has a friendly atmosphere and we call each other by name so everyone can feel comfortable.

How would you describe your impact on people?
We do our best to leave a positive memorable experience when money is spent using our support which is maximum value at all costs without ignoring our unbeatable price and unmatched quality.

What do you plan to do differently?
We intend to be an indigenous brand that reaches beyond the shores of Nigeria by solidifying re-commerce and then perhaps building our own gadget. We want to have a brand that speaks for us as Nigerians and reflects us as producers.

Janice G. Ball