Two candidates for the Board of Educational Services | Local news

Two candidates are running for two seats on the Ashtabula County Board of Education.

Barbara Klingensmith, who has served on the board since 2002 and resides in Orwell, and George J. Smith II of Dorset township are running for the two positions, part of a five-person board, who oversee the work of the board which includes a wide variety of educational services to area school districts including Ashtabula area municipal schools, Buckeye Local, Conneaut area municipal schools, Geneva area municipal schools, local schools of Grand Valley, Happy Hearts School, local schools in the Jefferson area, and local schools in Pymatuning Valley.

Klingensmith was appointed to the board in 2002 and has won every election since as executive director of Country Neighbor in Orwell. She said she looked forward to continuing work on the transition of Happy Hearts from its old building in Kingsville Township to the old Thomas Jefferson School in Ashtabula.

“I think we have a good relationship with all the school boards in the county,” she said. She said she hopes to continue working for students in area schools. “Only [want] be part of all the changes and keep giving back and making a difference, ”she said

Smith said he worked for A-Tech as an adult instructor, but also advocated on behalf of his son, who has Asperger’s syndrome. He said he was also working on an electrical engineering degree from the Devry Institute.

Smith said he also worked with the children as an advisor to the Peanut Gallery 4-H Club. He said he was looking forward to working to help the Happy Hearts and Building programs improve.

He is also the commanding officer of Jefferson Veterans of Foreign Wars 3334.

Janice G. Ball