Upgrading Midland County Educational Service Agency facilities will cost $17 million

The Midland County Educational Services Agency is placing a $17 million bond proposal in the August 2, 2022 primary ballot to fund facility and information technology upgrades at two of the district’s facilities.

The funds will be used to increase capacity, improve functionality, alleviate structural issues and improve the overall learning environment for children with special needs enrolled there. The Sugnet School campus, located at 3917 Jefferson Avenue, and the Longview Early Childhood and Family Center, at 337 Lemke Street.

This will be the first bond election for ESA and the funding will primarily support a comprehensive reconstruction plan for the Sugnet School, a building over 70 years old.

The Midland County Educational Services Agency has provided the following question and answer sheet to the Midland Daily News for voters in the upcoming election.

Who is the Midland County Educational Services Agency?

The Midland County Educational Services Agency (ESA) is one of 56 middle school districts in Michigan that serve the educational needs of students, parents, and staff in local schools.

Midland County ESA is governed by a seven-member school board, made up of generally elected community volunteer members, each serving a six-year term.

ESA provides educational support services, administrative services, special education services, early childhood services, vocational and technical education services, and technology services to the following districts in Midland County:

• Bullock Creek School District

• Coleman Community Schools

• Meridian Public Schools

• Midland Public Schools

• Windover Secondary School

• Academy of Academic and Vocational Education

• Private and parochial schools in Midland County

What type of services does the Midland County Educational Services Agency provide?

The Midland County Educational Services Agency provides a variety of educational services to connect children, parents, and educators in Midland County to the resources they need to achieve their educational goals.

• Career and Technical Education (CTE): CTE programs combine academic learning with practical career development, technical skills and knowledge of work behavior. The programs are designed to prepare young people for a wide range of employment, training services and post-secondary options.

• Early Childhood Services: The Midland County Services Agency offers a range of services for families with young children. Longview Early Childhood Center is home to several agencies and programs to help serve families in Midland County.

• Special Education Services: Offers many programs and resources for the special needs of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and children from kindergarten to post-secondary up to age 26.

• Technology Services: Technology Services is responsible for maintaining the Midland County ESA Local Area Network (LAN) and providing support and training opportunities to Midland County ESA personnel. This department also works with local school districts to provide leadership and coordination of collaborative technology projects and is responsible for maintaining the Midland County Distance Learning Network.

What are the terms of the Midland County ESA Bond Proposal?

A total of $17,070,000 issued through a series of general duty unlimited tax bonds. The estimated average annual mileage to pay off this bond debt is 0.47 million, or $0.47 on every $1,000 taxable valuation. The maximum number of years that the bonds of a series may be outstanding, exclusive of any redemption, is 12 years.

How much would this bail application cost the taxpayer?

A homeowner whose house has a taxable value of $100,000 (approximate market value of $200,000) pays $50.00 per year.

Is the Midland County ESA bond proposal similar to other school district bond proposals?

Yes. All school district bond elections in the State of Michigan must comply with state law which requires that bond proceeds be audited and cannot be used for repair or maintenance costs. maintenance, salaries of teachers, administrators or employees or other operating expenses.

Janice G. Ball