Why Nigeria’s education system has failed to unite the country – Pate

Professor Umaru Pate in white outfit during the session

Why Nigeria’s education system has failed to unite the country – Pate

Professor Umaru Pate, Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Kashere in Gombe State, says that the lack of development of the opportunity to learn more about common national bonds in the Nigerian education system has heightened the unity of the country.

The Vice Chancellor said that the government has failed to use all the instruments of educational institutions wisely to strengthen and create synergy to promote unity, trust, equity, inclusion and hope for ‘a better future.

Professor Pate said so during a plenary session at the Day-2 Citizens Summit/2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) organized by the National Institute of Public Relations, NIPR, in Abuja.

He said the topic of discussion should now be how to improve the efficiency of our country, but unfortunately we are still struggling with the notion of identity.

He said, “Outside of the school system, education has been fractionalized against the poor and elites on the basis of division of sectarianisms and geographical area without understanding the dynamism and structural knowledge of the Nigerian system.

“Insecurity has also impeded the posting and transfer of our civil servants. Civil servants do not want to stray from their birth state, he said, they will see Nigeria as “one-sided” without understanding the complexity, diversity and clear situation of other people at the lower level.

“We must revive and preserve our social values ​​to restore trust and lay a solid foundation for a prosperous and prosperous Nigeria.”

NIPR Chairman, Mal Mukthar Sirajo, alongside event chairperson, Ms. Dere Awosika, Chairwoman of Access Bank PLC

Previously, the event also featured the investiture of members into Distinguished Membership of the Institute and other categories of membership.

In addition, the Chairperson of the occasion, President of Access Bank, Mrs. Dere Awosika commended the institute for its sustained efforts in pushing this campaign to a point of unity and hosting the event at the right place as for the why Abuja was created.

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